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Nintendo Super Mario Bros. 3 Breaks World Record – GameSwap

The most expensive video game ever: A rare copy of ‘Super Mario 3’ sold at auction
A previous copy sold for $38,000 in July

At GameSwap we were astonished to find out that a sealed copy of Nintendo’s “Super Mario Bros. 3” has become the most expensive video game ever sold, going for a whopping $156,000 at auction on Friday.

The sale, handled by Dallas-based Heritage Auctions, broke the previous record of the original “Super Mario Bros.,” which sold for $114,000 earlier this year.

Beyond being in excellent condition, the Super Mario Bros. 3 copy was also exceptional due to the layout of its packaging. “Exceedingly rare are sealed copies with the word ‘Bros.’ formatted to the left, covering one of Mario’s signature white gloves,” Heritage Auctions explained. “Collectors have spent years looking for such a version – the earliest in the Super Mario Bros. 3 production history – and usually come up empty-handed.”

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