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Fortnite Grande Event

Ariana Grande’s Fortnite tour was a moment to remember

Fortnite Grande Event

Fortnite can’t get more weird. But the Experience also leads to some extremely cool moments, particularly when it comes to live events. And the Ariana Grande concert wasn’t just another exciting live music experience — it also built on Fortnite’s history in fascinating ways.

You drop into a colorful island with the intent of killing people, Fortnite has a surprising amount of history, due largely to the fact that developer Epic is constantly experimenting. The Ariana Grande tour felt like the culmination of this kind of integrated storytelling. Whereas previous concerts, like Marshmello and Travis Scott, were one-off experiences, the Grande event tied into multiple aspects of Fortnite. “It was an opportunity to almost create a new medium.” — Donald Mustard on Fortnite’s narrative ambitions.

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