Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Switch Tournament!

GameSwap Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Switch Tournament!

GameSwap will be hosting a Smash Bros. Ultimate (Switch) Tournament!

1601 Birchmount Rd. Scarborough, ON M1P 2H5

The Entry fee will be $5 dollars.
(Minimum 8 players)
Sign ups start at 4:00pm

The prizes will be as follows:
– First prize $20 dollar store credit
– Second prize $10 Dollar store credit
– Third prize $5 Dollar store credit
*Prizes can increase depending on Attendance

These prizes are subject to change, the more people play, the bigger the prize!

The Tournament format will be double elimination, but can be adjusted if needed be.

There will be 2 TV’s Available and 2 Switch consoles available as well as 2 GameCube controller adapters. Please bring your own controllers, and if you are using an original GameCube controller please bring your own adapter or make arrangements with someone else that is attending if you do not have one.

We are also not allowing the use of amiibos.

The Rules will are as follows and can be adjusted:

Best of 3 (WFs/LFs/GFs = Best of 5)
– 3 stock
– no items
– 8 minute rounds
– smash meter off
[other rules such as stages will be TBD as well as following the Ontario Smash rule-set when it is available]

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D&D Thursdays

GameSwap D&D Thursdays

Every Thursday, 4:30 PM – 7:30 PM
GameSwap (1601 Birchmount Road, Toronto, Ontario)

Maximum entries: 6 players
GameSwap will be hosting D&D nights every Thursday from 4:30pm to 7:30pm. The module that we’ll be running is ‘Descent into Avernus’ characters will be created using either Point Buy or Standard Array. Characters will be created as 1st level adventurers at store location. Please show up 15 minutes early on January 2nd to accommodate the process.

“Descent Into Avernus is a module for four to six players, with content that spans levels one through 13. Unlike some other recent books from publisher Wizards of the Coast, it feels very much like a complete experience tailored to groups that are starting out fresh. I’m not saying that you can’t try to pillage the module for spare parts in the hopes of shoehorning sections, or even entire chapters, into your ongoing campaign. It just might be more trouble than its worth.”

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